What Others Are Saying

“You’re full of excellent ideas, and the energy and focus to make them happen. Thank you for always giving of your time and talent to better the experience of all the students and staff at Waubonsie.”



“He is a strong advocate for students and always approaches responsibility with focus, including implementation of the House System, Professional Learning Communities, and Response to Intervention at the High School level. Regardless of the department, he takes the time to council with the student, parents, and staff to ensure the best academic fit. It is apparent that he fully understands high school curriculum as he helps create a successful path for all of his students.”

-Department Chair


“Ryan has demonstrated true commitment and dedication to influencing student academic and personal success. His enthusiasm to do what is right for students will drive him to be an exceptional administrator. Ryan will be a true asset to any district and building.”

-Dean of Students


“Mr. Vankampen understands the importance of ensuring that a student’s 504 plan or IEP is implemented with integrity. He works directly with general education teachers and related service providers to monitor that the student’s accommodations are followed at all times. Mr. Vankampen collaborates with the special education staff regarding the academic and behavioral needs of his students. Based on this collaboration, he strives to include all students by advocating for them while teaching them to advocate for themselves as well.”

-Student Services Department Chair


“You never settle- I’ve never seen you give less than your best to our students and families. It’s a great pleasure working with you as we continue to move our students and families in a positive direction.”

-Assistant Principal


“Thanks for all your help and support this past year. I appreciate your efforts in helping make my year more tolerable and manageable. You’re doing a great job!”



“He is insightful and offers many creative intervention ideas for working with students and families. He is articulate and able to present at meetings in a manner that facilitates the problem solving process. He makes it comfortable for people to present their ideas as he is accepting of other’s opinion even when they differ from his own.”

-Social Worker


“You are my problem-solver. Throughout this crazy college admissions process, you have helped me so much with my applications and you are genuinely concerned about my well-being. I love talking to you and your candy jar is always a bonus. Thanks for helping me out.”



“Thank you so much for being my counselor and doing all the great and beneficial things my three years at WV. I appreciate you being there for me if I did have problems and I appreciate the fact that you knew my name among so many others. I appreciate the amount of time you spent involving yourself in the school activities, and lastly, I appreciate you being you because my three years could have definitely been different.”



“You’ve helped me so much this year. I never really thought I would need help with my classes and I was definitely wrong. I really appreciate that you are always available to answer any question I have and help me through any issues I’ve had this year.”



“You’re amazing because you’re willing to put up with my never ending stream of questions and always have the patience to help me work through them.”



“I appreciate all that you have done for me to make me a better student and help me keep organized and on track of what I need to do to succeed here at (school). I want you to know that I have become a more responsible and organized student. I couldn’t thank you enough for helping me keep a clear visual expectation of what I can be.”