We’ve all been influenced by others during the course of our lives. Perhaps it was a mentor who spoke truth into your life, a book you read that challenged your thoughts, or maybe it was a conference where you were exposed to a new way of thinking. Below is a list of resources that have had a particular influence on my personal and professional life as an educator. I hope you are able to find inspiration from them as well.


Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success– John Wooden is considered to be one of the most successful basketball coaches of all time. I may not be a huge basketball fan, but I respect this man for the success he experienced and the values he instilled in each one of his players over the course of his tenure at UCLA. His thoughts on TEAM work have played a role in how I coach my cross country teams and how I approach working with others in my school.


Al Carius– Al Carius was my college cross country and track coach and one of the most inspirational men I’ve ever worked with. Al taught me many lifNCAA Track & Fielde lessons over the course of my four years at North Central College including: how to win in losing and lose in winning, the importance of daily growth, consistency is key, Run for Fun and Personal Best, and several other running related lesson that have carried over to the world off of the track. I’ve been blessed to have him as an influencer in my life.