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How do we respond when a student fails?

How do we respond when a student fails? If your school has made the jump to PLCs, essential questions, enduring understandings and understanding by design, you’ve certainly heard this question before. As educators we’re tasked with asking and answering questions: What do we want students to learn, how will we know when they have learned […]

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Success in the new economy

Last week we looked at the college for all mentality that has become a staple of the country’s educational mantra. As we examined the case for alternatives to the four year degree, we largely spoke in concepts. Today I’d like to share a great video that gives you specific statistics on the change in our […]

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Re-Thinking College

With the implementation of Common Core and an increased emphasis on college & career readiness, the government and educational community have been touting college for all. Every student should be college bound. A college degree is the key to success. College admission is the standard by which we judge our value. And yet while we […]

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