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Impact of Mental Illness on Academics

Today is the DuPage County Institute Day. I am fortunate enough to be attending a counselor specific set of seminars, something that isn’t often available in my district. My first sessions took a deeper look at the impact mental illness can have on academic achievement. Below are my notes on the topic. I hope to […]

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Why I Love My Job: The Career Fair

Two weeks ago we held a career fair at my school. Now this wasn’t your typical high school career fair for students looking for summer/part-time work. This also wasn’t a career fair for senior students about to graduate and enter the work force. This was a career fair for freshman students. Students who have little […]

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Re-Thinking College

With the implementation of Common Core and an increased emphasis on college & career readiness, the government and educational community have been touting college for all. Every student should be college bound. A college degree is the key to success. College admission is the standard by which we judge our value. And yet while we […]

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