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Test Success: Preparation And Follow Through

As a school counselor I spend a significant part of each day working with students who are struggling academically. There are many reasons why a student may struggle: homework completion, stress at home, poor sleep habits, attention deficits, anxiety, or test taking. Many of these factors are affected by forces beyond the walls of our […]

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How do we respond when a student fails?

How do we respond when a student fails? If your school has made the jump to PLCs, essential questions, enduring understandings and understanding by design, you’ve certainly heard this question before. As educators we’re tasked with asking and answering questions: What do we want students to learn, how will we know when they have learned […]

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Preparing for final exams

Final Exams. Two words that stir anxiety in students like no others. It seems that this time of year as many in the general public are preparing for the holidays, those of us in schools are preparing for final exams. For educators, final exams signal the end of the semester and the start of a […]

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Common Core: Making ELA standards accessible

Last week we looked at the shifts CCSS shifts brought to math. This week lets look at the shifts in English Language Arts (ELA). Like with math, it’s easy to gloss over ELA and say, ‘I don’t teach English, this doesn’t apply to me.’ How untrue that thought would be. Built into the ELA standards […]

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